Monmouth SCORE

Monmouth SCORE offers free one on one business counseling, always available and forever free.

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If you are thinking of starting a new business or are facing challenges with an existing business we suggest that you attend our free seminars presented during the year on a variety of business subjects including:

  • How to Successfully Start and Manage Your Own Business
  • How to Successfully Promote Your Business
  • How to Acquire a Business or Franchise
  • How to Write a Convincing Business Plan
  • How to Establish a Computer Based Accounting System
  • How to Sell on the Internet

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Jul. 20, 2015 Middletown, NJ
In this Financial Planning seminar for business owners, we will cover the following topics: Finance 101 · Setting the foundation: Sales/Expenses/...
Jul. 23, 2015 Middletown, NJ
Franchises provide the playbook for you to execute your business ownership dreams. And, statistics have shown that franchise businesses succeed at...